Al Faisaliah Spa

Monday through Sunday
09:00 - 23:00

Monday through Sunday
10:00 - 22:00
  • ARABIAN PEARL150 minutes

    A true top-to-toe ESPA experience. Hot stone massage uses the warmth and energy from the volcanic basalt stones to release deep-seated tension and instill an overall feeling of wellbeing, while essential oils of Clove and Bay warm and relieve muscle aches. The advanced facial that follows delivers specialized lifting massage techniques in conjunction with scientifically proven super-active products rich in Argan oil, Larch extract and Summer Snowflake Bulb to improve skin tone and elasticity. Emerge afterwards feeling relaxed and renewed.

    body massage with hot stones – lifting & firming facial – conditioning scalp mass

    ROYAL HAMMAM120 minutes

    Indulgent and luxurious, this is the ultimate Hammam experience. A total body cleanse and foam massage followed by a nourishing Marine Mud envelopment and Aromatherapy massage – bliss!

    Hammam steam – scrub – foam massage – marine mud wrap – scalp massage – aromatherapy massage

  • OASIS DREAM120 minutes

    The ultimate hydrating body treatment. Skin brushing and refreshing Peppermint and Aloe Vera scrub prepare the body for the nourishing and hydrating envelopment. Mineral-rich Marine Mud is combined with Wild Yam extract and Ylang Ylang essential oil to restore comfort and hydration to the skin while the Aromatherapy massage with hot stones that follows focusses on melting away tension. Body and mind emerge nurtured, nourished and transformed.

    skin brush and body polish – nourishing Marine Mud wrap – scalp massage - aromatherapy massage with hot stones


    Our Private Spa Suites allow you complete privacy to enjoy the ultimate spa experience. Consisting of private Hydrotherapy bath, steam room and treatment area, changing room and separate Lounge, the Spa Suite is perfect for sharing indulgent relaxation time with friends or simply by yourself.The ESPA Private Spa Suite will be your haven of tranquility for a minimum of three hours, which includes a two hour treatment of your choice (spa treatments tariff).Please contact the ESPA reservations team for help in creating your ideal private spa experience.

  • DESERT DETOX120 minutes

    Purifying and detoxifying this treatment delivers a powerful infusion of active ingredients and massage techniques to stimulate the systems of the body and natural defense. Sea salt and Cypress essential oil exfoliation begin the process, to be followed by an envelopment with Marine Algae, a pure seaweed blend that encourages lymphatic circulation and elimination, reflex foot massage further stimulates the digestive system before a detoxifying aromatherapy massage completes the experience. The ultimate detox, ideal as part of a programme or treatment series.

    detoxifying salt & oil body scrub – cleansing Marine Algae body wrap - detox body massage

    RIYADH RADIANCE90 minutes

    The path to glowing, radiant, renewed skin. Our magical salt & oil scrub rich in warming Cinnamon and Clove or refreshing Menthol and Cypress essential oils reveals smooth, soft skin, while the revitalizing Pumpkin enzyme peel facial rich in Argan oil promotes exfoliation and stimulates cell renewal. Skin glows with renewed vitality.

    sundried sea salt & essential oil body scrub, revitalizing enzyme facial

  • DESERT RAIN90 minutes

    This unique treatment uses jets of water strategically positioned over the body to stimulate circulation, detoxification and boost the body’s systems. As the powerful droplets of water knead the body sea salt, essential oils and herbal infusions are massaged into the skin to optimize the effects. The Aromatherapy massage that follows is tailored to your needs. The combination of the ebb and flow of the water and therapeutic essential oils encourages an overall feeling of calmness and tranquility for both mind and body.

    Vichy shower body exfoliation and foam massage – aromatherapy massage